Process Evaluation

Cafgia consultants typically collaborate with the leadership team to understand the main areas of focus, the objectives to be achieved, and the difficulties to be surmounted. They then collaborate with organization officials to determine the underlying causes of the problems and make suggestions for remedies to achieve these objectives.

In carrying out these engagements, the consultants employ facilitation techniques for interviews and workshops with customer teams in addition to frameworks like Theory of Constraints. When backed by structured analysis techniques, solutions frequently arise from within the company.

Cafgia aids in putting the modifications into action, particularly when they address system requirements or gaps. In some circumstances, the group would establish a governance/tracking architecture for execution and, at their discretion, offer review capabilities.


Audit of Systems

Cafgia advises a systems audit/assessment to analyze the existing systems when systems are found to be the bottleneck for successfully executing business strategies.

The ability of the system to evolve to meet future goals, gaps with optimal usage, dangers, and implementation challenges are among the factors that are taken into account.

The audit report would also have a section with recommendations, some of which would be more explicit than others. These alternate techniques would be suggested, and they would be tied to corporate objectives.


Roadmap for Technology Definition

Business executives can define technology/system plans with Cafgia's assistance that are in line with and support the accomplishment of their business objectives.

The focus is often on SMEs that have excellent commercial acumen and topic expertise but require outside assistance in selecting the appropriate technologies.


Cafgia, a company that develops custom websites, is concerned with producing websites that are competitive, appealing to customers, perfectly designed, and with simple navigation. With a talented workforce that is always adaptable and aggressive, we bring our knowledge and power to every level of development.

Managers of Business Analyst Engagement and Delivery

Project managers, supervisors of teams, and software engineers

Agile project management enables daily team communication, flexible development, and productive work every day.


Highly collaborative - All of these engagements use a highly collaborative approach in which the consultants use organized tactics and tools to engage and draw out the business's subject matter expertise. They would next use the customer's observations about industry best practices and their comprehension of available technologies to define the suggestions.

Ownership - Cafgia views consulting as a pre-requisite activity, requiring that the proper problem be identified first. In most circumstances, cafgia also assumes responsibility for carrying out the proposal.

Dipstick across the organization - While many engagements begin with conversations with executives and senior management, the team almost always engages with lower-level employees to get a perspective from across the organization and spot any inconsistencies between the management and execution teams.