The Platform for ERPiot

Users from 60 different nations rely on the ERPiot platform, which is available in more than 30 languages. It is a user-friendly, simple, powerful, and all-inclusive ERP solution that can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. ERPiot is ideal for expanding organizations because it was designed for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. It is made to develop along with you. We offer the subsequent features:

Use the ERPiot Platform instead, which is trusted by users in more than 100 countries and is offered in more than 30 languages. Numerous in-built integrations on the ERPiot Platform enable SME and large enterprise firms all over the world to expand more quickly. Simple Switch to ERPiot from SAP, Oracle, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, and Zoho

Web-Based Device-Independent

Simple customization and configuration

Easy 3rd Party Integration for Any Industry

From Concept to Execution

Why spend money on the licensed Sales Force version when you can use ERPiot CRM, one of the top open source CRMs that offers a 360-degree view of your company? You have access to a number of functions with ERPiot CRM, from lead generation to order fulfillment.

A centralized network is created.

helps you carry out marketing initiatives.

Accessibility across all channels is provided.

automates routine tasks.

readiness to prepare Quotations

tracking of quotation versions

Forms and templates for custom printing

emails sent to the intended audience

For a sales funnel, a dashboard

Tracking of the sales funnel using segmentations and sales stages.

Inventory Control

The perpetual inventory levels and supplies of a corporate enterprise are scientifically tracked by ERPiot. With the ERPiot platform, you never have to worry about your stock running out because it will automatically generate stock requests in accordance with the TOC's rules.

Continuous inventory control.


Carrying Cost, Stockout, Dead Stock, Inventory Shrinkage, Inventory Turnover, Sales Return Rate, and Supplier Quality are KPIs to gauge how well your inventory management is working.

Comparison of the Warehousing Vendor/Supplier Management Rates

Order Request

Intelligent inventory management with RFID and IOT

Financial Management

An open-source bookkeeping program that has all the features you'll need, from transaction recording to financial report analysis and reconciliation, to handle the cash flows of your business.

Track department-level profitability using the GST Complaint Accounting Dimension.

e-Invoicing capability

Simple Conversion from Tally/Quickbooks to ERPiot Modular design

Manage the expenses and liquidity of the budget.

Multi-company arrangement that complies with different taxes, such as VAT, etc.

Accounting Multiple Currencies

Purchase Administration

An organization must handle purchases effectively to maintain adequate supplies. To keep teams well-stocked, there must be a system in place that handles everything from inventory management to purchase orders. You can manage the procurement process with ERPiot from Supplier Onboarding to Material Request and Material Receipt.

Onboarding and Management of Suppliers

A comparison of supplier prices

Self-Service Supplier Portal for Purchase Orders, Material Request Generation, and Material Receipt.

Retail Management

A vital step in a company's revenue-generating process is sales management. You may manage your company's sales operations, including the creation of sales orders, order fulfillment, delivery notes, sales invoices, and debit notes, as well as their masters, with the help of the ERPiot Platform.

Keep each commercial variation in a unique item variant.

Record and reconcile advance payments all at once in the sales quotation and tracking, sales invoicing, debit notes, and accounts receivable.

Asset Control

ERPiot makes asset management straightforward, from purchase to disposal, IT infrastructure to equipment. Your company has a single centrally located system that covers all of its branches. Use the diverse features combined into a single application to more effectively manage assets.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Barcode and QR Code support Tag Assets

Use a single solution to manage everything from purchases to perishables, IT infrastructure to equipment.

upkeep of the asset register

Upkeep of the asset register.

Simplify Asset Acquisition

Vehicle Depreciation

scrap materials

manage reporting on assets

Project Administration

The many actions and activities involved in project management need to be tracked down and completed. The many facets of a project are planned, organized, and managed with the help of ERPNext project management.

Utilize a single workspace to keep track of all your projects, due dates, and progress.

Simplify your projects by communicating less and being completely transparent.

Make a list of chores and assignments to do.

Share media files, such as pictures, movies, and documents.

Keep task management simple.

Keep all of your crucial data, images, movies, and papers in one location.

Sync all of your email accounts for seamless client and stakeholder communication.

Analyze project costs and budgets with a single glance.

streamline the timekeeping and billing procedures.