ERPiot Modules

ERPiot is a fully functional ERP that is entirely open source and targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. Along with the usual ERP functionality, it also has a partner-directed website with the ability to host an eCommerce site. It is based on the Frappe framework and has won two BOSSIE awards. Software Advice, a Gartner subsidiary, has classified it as a Front Runner.

It provides domain-specific features and setups for NGOs, Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Distribution. Language localization is supported by the product, and many European and Asian languages have localization options. Additionally, it helps the financial localization of several nations, notably India's GST.

An open-source software called ERPiot is being developed by Frappe Technologies, which also continues to invest in it and offers hosting and SLA-based support for implementations carried out via its partner network.

Cafgia has deployed ERPiot for clients in the service, agriculture, distribution, and manufacturing industries. Cafgia is a silver partner of Frappe Technologies for ERPiot.

Key Product Features

General features

The frappe framework offers the majority of the standard functionality, including support for file attachments across the system, email integration, role-based security, workflow setup for all transactions, and rest-based interfaces for all entities. Additionally, it includes a mobile app that gives users of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets access to the complete ERP capability.


Contains a complete accounting module with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities and is effectively connected with other modules (sales, buy, stock, assets, HR). supports the ability to construct custom dimensions for financial analysis as well as group level consolidations, customizable tax definitions, and multi-currency accounting.

HR and Payroll

Has an extensive HR and Payroll module that covers all areas of payroll, leave and attendance management, including the integration of biometric systems, performance management, training management, the procedure for filing expense claims, and the onboarding and offboarding of new employees.


It also defines the production plan, defines the bill of materials and the routing, defines the work requirements by combining sales orders and requisitions, prepares work orders, and records actual consumption and production. Additionally, it facilitates capacity planning for both people and machines, as well as direct (material) and other costing considerations, and it provides assistance for job-work performed outside of the business.

Sales and Purchase

Contains the entire purchasing process, from stock requisition and REP through to the receiving of products and payment of vendor invoices, return flow, as well as the sales flow from quotation and order through to shipping, invoicing, and receivables management. Additionally supported are sales using POS and eCommerce.

CRM and Marketing

ERPiot includes CRM features, including lead generation, opportunity development, and order closure. There are also sales pipelines and other CRM reports available. Additionally, it offers email integration so that leads can receive newsletters as part of marketing programs.

Projects Manager

Gantt charts and Kanban boards can be used by project-based companies to monitor project performance. By designating the project as an accounting dimension and assigning it to various sources of revenue and expenditures, project performance (P&L) may also be tracked.

Help Desk

The functionality of the help desk service includes ticketing capabilities with interface to Exotel's call center software and reporting of performance against SLAs.

Asset Management

Asset tracking and identification are two key components of asset management, together with determining an asset's actual cost using a landed cost module, asset accounting utilizing depreciation schedules, and asset disposal.

Website and E-commerce

A website called ERPiot also enables suppliers and customers to observe and start transactions within the system. The website has an eCommerce sales module that enables clients to place orders and pay for them as well as post products.

Inventory / Stock

Selling Buying